DiPasquale and Associates, P.A.  Certified Public Accoutants and Consultants

The current list of services that we provide to our clients has been established over years of accounting and tax work. We are continually adding new services to meet our client needs as well as taking the initiative to learn new skills to offer new services to existing clients. While this list is extensive, we realize that is in no way encompasses all the possibilities and welcome you to request additional services.



Homeowner Issues

Accounting System Implementation

Independent Contractors

Bill Paying

Market Analysis


Offers in Compromise

Budgets (Personal & Business)

Payroll Service

Business Consultation

Payroll Tax

Business Management


Business Plans

Retirement Planning

Children & Taxes

Sales & Exchanges of Property

Computer Consulting

Sales Taxes

Deductible Business Expenses

Setup of Accounting Systems

Development of Policies & Procedures

Staff Recruiting

Divorce and Related Taxes

Staff Training

Employee Issues

Start-up Companies

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Financial Statements

Tax Preparation

Financing Assistance

Tax-Free Exchanges

Gift Tax Returns

Telephone Support


I am in need of services that do not appear on your list.

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DiPasquale and Associates, P.A.
Certified Public Accountants and Consultants
14345 Sunset Lane, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33330  USA
Tel: 954.252-7200    Fax: 954.252-7222    Email: info@dipasquale.net

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